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Character Building Books For Christians

This is where you can find Christian books on subjects of crucial importance both for established Christian, those new to Christianity and those seeking to find God. For those already established in their faith, many useful Christian books can be found at


These Christian books provide the means to grow in greater depth in various aspects of Christian spirituality, such as hearing God speak, Christian healing, prayer, meditation, empowering by the Holy Spirit, understanding the power of Christian laws, and so forth.

For those who are still seeking a personal relationship with God, useful Christian books can be found by clicking on the following link:


The Christian books here are intended for those searching for God and for the freedom only he can provide. But they will also have relevance for those who have found Jesus, the Father and the Spirit but who are searching to grow in their understanding of Christianity and in spirituality and power.

These Christian books are thus directly concerned with various aspects of Christian life and spirituality. Many may find to be especially important the Christian books on the basics of Christian meditation on Scripture and, in a wider context, Christian books on the essence of praying and how to pray.

We also have a number of Christian poetry books which are also focused on essential aspects and principles of Christianity. All are works by the poet A K Whitehead who, since the early 1990's, has had over 700 poems published in a wide variety of journals, magazines, etc. As the poetry books included here indicate, he has also had a number of full length collections and chapbooks published by various publishers. All of these have a strong Christian message running through them. These can be accessed at:


Included here is also a


This can be copied and reproduced on or off line in magazines etc providing the author details at the end of the poem are included.

Besides all this, at this Christian book store, there is a large (and growing) number of FREE ARTICLES which explore the essence and principles of Christianity through various topics and a wide range of practical Christian matters and Christian spirituality. Just click on the heading at the top of this page to access them.

This Christian Books on this site takes you straight to the heart of the Christian Church, its teachings, principles and some of its practices. It is the place for excellence in the topics covered, many aspects of which, where relevant and appropriate, are drawn from direct personal experience. The Christian books here are on a variety of crucial topics, including: Christian healing, empowering, salvation, seeking God, hearing God speak and how to pray.

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The times in which we live are those of great change, and that change brings many threats to those who hold to the basic principles taught us by Jesus as the Christ. As Christians, books are crucial to us, and for at least two reasons. Firstly, we need to have an in-depth knowledge about Christianity, and we never cease learning that. But equally, we need constantly to deepen our own spirituality, the relationship we have with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This often starts with good Christian books such as are found here.

To help in that objective, this Christian Books web site offers a range of Christian teachings. These teaching books are arranged in three sections:

"The Keys" series of books
* help us to examine important practical aspects of Christianity and the Christian life;
* are for today's Christian seeking to live out, apply and develop their spirituality.

"Books For Inquirers"
* for Christians who are seeking to deepen their understanding of essential aspects of Christianity;
* for those still searching for God in their lives and for and for answers to some fundamental

"Christian Poetry" Collections
* for those who look for a different way to
understand all manner of issues in their
everyday Christian living
* there are collections of varying lengths but
all with a profound underpinning of
Christian principles.

This range of books seeks to offer insights into a number of questions for which the inquiring Christian (or even the inquiring non-Christian) might want answers.

There are many ways to achieving these objectives, but one which has been tried and tested down the centuries, is to inform ourselves through Christian books the written word and the knowledge which others have aquired. That knowledge we can then put into practice in our everyday lives growing, as a result, in power and spiritual understanding.

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